As the Town of Torbay moves its vision forward, we are seeking to engage thoughtful citizens and community leaders who understand and value the importance of family and community, who believe that quality community facilities are essential to quality of life.

Businesses and Employers

Torbay and area is fortunate to be able to point to a demographic that indicates high employment levels among its tax payers. But that employment is largely elsewhere. We invite employers who benefit from the work ethic that Torbay citizens bring to their workplaces every day to consider making an investment that appreciates where those values come from. The Torbay Common is also an investment in the potential of future employees.

Residents and Families

We are all products of our environment. For over 400 years the Town of Torbay has carved its unique place and built a rich culture exemplified by family ties and a sense of community. The vision of beautiful Torbay is to ensure that as the community grows, that spirit and sense of place is not lost. We are asking individuals and families with strong ties to the town to consider donating to The Torbay Common for their own benefit and to support strong community life for future generations.

Neighboring Towns

One need only look at the spirit of cooperation that exists among communities on the NE Avalon today to recognize that all the communities that surround Torbay will benefit greatly from The Torbay Common. It will be as warm and welcoming to its neighbors as the citizens of Torbay are. After all, we have a lot “in common,” including the desire to do more, closer to home.

Those Who Value Community and Family

The Concept of Torbay Common is very much aligned with the notion of an extended family. While programs that encourage healthy living and healthy lifestyles are important priorities, the vision has always been about ensuring that everyone can get together in a common space and celebrate the values and accomplishments of the community.  Like many communities in our province, Torbay has a rich history and values worth preserving.